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Thread: '67-'68 28' Donzi Sportsman

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    Default '67-'68 28' Donzi Sportsman

    Do you have what I want? I grew up in a 67 Sportsman until Dad sold her. I want to relive my childhood, make it happen!

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    Not my ad but I've seen this ad (locally, here in Stuart FL) for a little bit of time. It might be worth reaching out to the ad if this 28 fits your desires.
    Hope it helps!?! Jason @InshoreOff

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    Default I Have your Boat


    I have the boat you seek... 1968 Donzi 28 sportsman. I have owned her the last 4.5 years and she is in project condition... Needs top deck re-cored in several places in addition to minor glass work on two of the stringers where a previous marina started and quit working an engine swap. I have loads of info on the boat including the original build card... I have a pair of Chrysler 426 wedge motor cores awaiting rebuilt, Walter v drives needing refresh, Fiberglass performance mufflers, and a just completed all steel custom trailer built aroudn the boat that pulls very well with a 1-ton truck... Drop me a line, I am up in the Northland of Minnesota and this boat needs big water... I started resto and developed RA 1/3 of the way into the process... My rapidly swelling hands can't do glass work any more... Hope to chat soon. Alan

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